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Animal Crossing - Population: Growing!

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Animal Crossing - Population: Growing!
Animal Crossing - Population- Growing! Cover.jpg
Released NA - September 15, 2002

AUS - October 17, 2003

EU - September 24, 2004

System Nintendo GameCube
Developer Nintendo EAD
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Animal Crossing - Population: Growing! (Japanese: どうぶつの森+, Dōbutsu no Mori+, lit. Animal Forest+) is a life-simulation game relesed for the Nintendo Gamecube. it is an enhanced port of どうぶつの森 andどうぶつの森+, released for the Nintendo 64.


A Player lives a relaxing life in a village. They can talk to the locals, do favors for them, and even buy a house. They can purchase Furniture, Clothes, and tools from Tom Nook's Store!

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